PM Sheikh Hasina urges for amending constitution as none can grab power unconstitutionally

PM Sheikh Hasina thanked the President for giving such a prudent speech in the House highlighting successes of the govt
Leader of the House and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday urged the main opposition to work together for bringing amendments to the constitution to protect the rights of people. “Let us join hands with the government to frame such a constitution after bringing amendments so that none can grab state power through unconstitutional means while the requirements of the people are ensured,” she said. In her valedictory speech in the Jatiya Sangsad, she expressed the hope that the main opposition BNP will join the next session to bring amendments to the constitution for the greater national interest. On the much-talked-about Women Development Policy, Sheikh Hasina said some vested interest groups have been conspiring to create confusion among the people centering the policy. She categorically said there is nothing against the holy Quran and Sunnah in the policy formulated to ensure rights of women in the country as well as empowering them. The Prime Minister said some vested groups have been using the policy as a tool in a bid to gain petty political interest. She urged the countrymen to remain alert so that none can create confusion among the people giving misleading information about the policy. Referring to a demand raised by BNP lawmaker Barrister Moudud Ahmed for holding trial of Fakhruddin-Moinuddin and Iajuddin, Sheikh Hasina said it was BNP which promoted the three and now responsibility also lies with it to try them for their activities after the 1/11. She alleged that the past BNP-Jamaat allies were responsible for the political changeover and creating the ground for the 1/11 when move was taken to depoliticize the country. “Greed for power and unbridled corruption, terrorism and militancy of the BNP-Jamaat allies pave the way for assuming state power by the caretaker government led by Dr Fakhruddin Ahmed,” she added. Sheikh Hasina said the BNP leaders embezzled thousands of crores of public money and smuggled out those abroad during its five-year tenure. In this context, she cited an example of US federal court in this regard. During her nearly one hour speech, the Prime Minister gave a salient features of development programmes undertaken by her government for the welfare of the country and the achievements of the previous Awami League government in different sectors including food, agriculture, power, gas and health.

The Prime Minister said her government after assuming office in 1996 made Bangladesh a food sufficient country and was able to reduce corruption, nepotism and terrorism to a great extent. She said it was her government that lowered the rate of poverty of the country at a significant level by producing surplus good grains, generating electricity, introducing various social safety net programmes and creating job opportunities.
But, she regretted that her government could not come to power in 2001 as it refused to sell gas to a foreign company. She said the main opposition BNP chief came to power through the 2001 election with the commitment of selling gas to that company. Sheikh Hasina said after coming to power again the BNP turned Bangladesh into a food deficit country and identified it as a terrorism, corruption and militancy prone nation before the international community. She said smooth transfer of state power took place when Awami League was in power. Regarding transit agreement with India, she said the accord is not new as it was signed during the period of Ziaur Rahman in 1978.

She said then commerce minister of Zia government Tanvir Ahmed Siddique signed the accord with his Indian counterpart Pronob Mukherjee. About BNP’s threat of scrapping the accord when in power, Sheikh Hasina said the BNP making political statement on the issue. They gave the same statement after the Ganges Water Sharing Accord signed between Bangladesh and India during the past Awami League government.
The Prime Minister also mentioned her present government programmes in solving power crisis, increasing gas production, ensuring food security and reaching health services to the door steps of people. She said her government has already set up 34 power plants and process is on to install another 24 to improve the electricity situation in the country. Regarding prices of essentials, she said her government has been making all out efforts to keep the price of essentials within the reach of commoners despite price hiking of food in the international market. We will do whatever necessary to feed our people at affordable prices, she added.

The Prime Minister said her government also has taken various measurers to improve the country’s communications sector through constructing and repairing of roads and culverts. It is also working for expanding the country’s rail networks for facilitating smooth movement of people, she added. In this context, she said the construction of the much- desired Padma Bridge will begin soon. She mentioned her government’s initiatives to build a digital Bangladesh and for providing computers to all educational institutions in this regard. The Leader of the House thanked the President for giving such a prudent speech in the House highlighting successes of the government.